How often do you hold the Poulsbo Bloody Mary Krawl?

Annually! This event will be the Sunday after Thanksgiving. So please follow us on Facebook for more information.

When does registration start for the PBMK?

We aim to open the registration on Package Pickup Day for the Oktoberfest Poulsbo Beer Run, so either the end of Sept or beginning of Oct.

What time does the PBMK start?

PBMK starts at 9AM, yep you’re drinking bloodies at 9AM BUT that’s WAY better than those darn beer drinkers at the PBR drinkin beers at 9AM. At least drinking Bloodies at 9AM is EXTREMELY acceptable…the Passports expire at 1PM.

I need to cancel, how do I get a refund?

We will happily refund up to November 19th, Email DataBar by responding to the email received when registering…BUT please copy the Event Director ([email protected])

Is there a maximum number of registrations?

Yes. PBMK is limited to the first 750 registered, so register early.

Is there a map of the Krawl?

Yes. There are maps at each stop that shows you the route to the next stop. The QR code will also add the map on your phone. You can also view the map here.

Is there an option for a VIRGIN Mary?

Yes. Virgin Mary’s DO exist on our Krawl…LOL. Each stop will offer a Virgin Mary to those who enjoy that great taste without the Vodka.

How long is the Krawl ?

The Krawl is within Front St (just a quaint town block). So PLEASE leisurely meander the streets of Poulsbo and enjoy it’s beauty. You have 4 hours to complete the Krawl.

Do I have to krawl the entire course?

No. The goal of the PBMK is for you to enjoy our local establishments attempting to win your heart and VOTE with their best Bloody Mary…AND of course for you to have a blast. We definitely don’t want you to drink more than you can handle though. But Please return to your starting location to VOTE for your favorite.

Is there a time limit for the Krawl?

Yes, but you leisurely enjoy yourself throughout the Krawl, maybe stop for a coffee, shop at a few of the cute boutiques around Poulsbo. But yes the Liquor Control Board requires that the Passports expire at 1:00pm. That’s 4 hours of having fun. Just don’t forget to end at your starting location to VOTE for the best Bloody.

Do I have to drink all the Bloodies?

This answer is NO of course you do not need to drink all of your Bloodies. You can also request a smaller pour, we definitely don’t want you sick. But we need you to go back to your starting location to hand in your vote. Drink only what you’re comfortable with, but we do recommend that you try a small sip at each location for you to Vote.

Please remember to go to your starting location to cast your Vote.

When is Passport and Flannel & Hoodie pickup?

Passport and Flannel & Hoodie pickup is Saturday prior to the Event at Slippery Pig Brewery from 9:00-Noon. Or at your starting location if you can’t make it Saturday.

Is there “Day Of” Passport Pickup?

Absolutely, but to help make Event Day smoother we prefer that you pick up your Passport and Flannel & Hoodie early on Saturday prior to the PBMK at Slippery Pig from 9:00 AM to Noon.

Can a friend pick up my Passport?

Yes, as long as you pick a trustworthy friend. This is YOUR Passport to fun…so how well do you know this friend…LOL?

Can I have my well-behaved doggie join me?

No I’m so sorry this event really is not doggie friendly, unfortunately not only because they’re eating establishments, but some of them are pretty small and need all the room for our thirsty Bloody paying Krawlers.

Can I order a Flannel or Hoodie on Event day if I did not order it when I registered?

Unfortunately No, but there will be a VERY limited number of extra Flannels and Hoodies available for sale.

What’s the best way to find out the latest updates on the PBMK?

Like us on Poulsbo Beer Run Facebook and follow us on Instagram for any changes or updates on the event page.  Emails and updates are sent from the PBR Director to all email addresses provided during registration. These updates will be on the Poulsbo Beer Run pages.


Parking – Designated driver/carpooling are highly recommended.

You can park at the Waterfront parking lot behind the stores on Front St. or at the City Hall parking garage, or on 3rd Ave behind the Green Light Diner.


Bloody size?

They’re Bloody well right…LOL I just had to say that at least once for this Event.

We are serving a total of 7 – 4 ounce Bloody Mary’s for a total of 28 ounces.

Can children attend, how about if they're in a stroller?

Unfortunately children are NOT allowed at this event. Please use this day as your adult play date…remember there’s alcohol involved and LOTS of people. So children (even in strollers) are no longer allowed at this Event. The WA Liquor Control Board requires all participants to be over the age of 21, they consider this the same as a beer garden event.

Why do I have to go back to where I started the PBMK?

It’s IMPORTANT that you end at your starting location because you need to get your FINAL Bloody Mary and VOTE for your favorite. PLUS we want you to experience the entire PBMK, there’s fun at all of the locations so enjoy this is your day to play after all that turkey eating and Black Friday shopping.

If I registered and now I can't make it, can I transfer it to my friend?

Yes, If there’s plenty of time prior to the Event, the BEST way is to contact DataBar, they can easily change the registration information to them. However, if it’s crunch time when they check in to pickup their Passport they must tell the Event Director that they need to transfer the Passport to their name and sign the waiver.  You need to forward the emails that you received the week of the event to the participant, so they’ll have our up-to-date information.

Can my friend or my DD (Designated Driver) follow with me on the Krawl?

Unfortunately NO unless they’ve purchased a FULL price Passport, yes…even if they may not be drinking. The WA Liquor Control Board and the Insurance requires that each participant has registered for the event is over the age of 21 AND has signed a waiver.

Someone is selling their Passport online, can I buy it?

Absolutely NO…PLEASE DO NOT purchase a Passport other than from DataBar website or at Passport pickup. We’ve had participants get scammed with online PBR sales. It is against the law to sell one of our Passports online, you must have an approved WA State Liquor Control Board event license in order to sell our Passports. PLEASE notify the Event Director of any online sales other than DataBar.

I just signed up and now I want to switch starting Location, how can I do this?

If registration is open you may switch your starting location. Send an email to [email protected] or click on “Contact Us” here on our website, please provide the name of who needs to be moved their current starting location and the location you would like to change to. When registration is closed the supplies for you to have a great experience are already at your starting location, so please do not change your location.

I just picked up my Passport, I don't know what to do next?

Proceed to your selected starting location, hand the Volunteer your passport for it to be stamped and to receive your first Bloody. When you’ve completed all 6 stops head back to your starting location hand them your Passport to receive your last Bloody and Vote for the Best Bloody.

I really LOVE this Bloody can I buy a full Bloody here?

NO, not until you’ve finished your Krawl.  So PLEASE DO NOT ask them to sell you alcohol during the Event. The WA State Liquor Control Board will shut down the PBMK for this infraction. So please be respectful, they are NOT allowed to sell you ANY alcohol until after the event is over. Once you have completed the Krawl you are more than welcome to return to your favorite place and partake…BUT please remember others may be still Krawling, so they may be too busy to serve you.

Is there anything I need to bring on Event day?

Yes, please make sure you have a Valid ID showing you are over 21 and your Passport and money or credit card if you plan to purchase shirts or food along the way.