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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you hold the race?

Twice a Year. One is run on the closest Saturday to St. Patrick’s day. The second one is the first Saturday of October. Check back for specific dates.

When does registration start for each race?

We try to open the registration on 1 Dec for the St Patrick’s Day Race and 1 June for the second running.


There are NO refunds after February 21st for the March running and October 1st for the October run.

Is there a maximum number of runners?

Yes. To keep from over loading the tasting rooms we limit the runners to 150 runners at each starting location for a total of 900 runners.

Is there a map of the course?

Yes. There are maps at each tasting room that show you the route to the next tasting room.

How long is the course?

The distance is 3.67 miles.

Do I have to run the entire course?

No. One goal of the race to be active (walking is active) and enjoy tasting different Kitsap County beers.

Is there a time limit for the run?

You can take as long as you want to do the run, but volunteers generally leave about 11:30.

Do I have to drink all the beers?

This answer is no.
Drink what you are comfortable with. I recommend at least try some at each tasting room. You can ask the beer tender for a “short pour”
Please remember to at least go to the bar at the last tasting room to get your finisher’s prize, even if you do not want the last beer.

What is the finisher’s prize?

We try to change the finisher’s prize for each race. If you have an idea let the race director know and maybe we can use your idea.

When is race packet pickup?

The 2 days prior to the run at Slippery Pig Brewery from 4:00-7:00

Is there “Day Of” Packet Pickup?

Yes, but to help make the race day easier we prefer that you pick up your packet early.

Can a friend pick up my packet?


Can I order a shirt on race day if I did not order it when I registered?

Yes you will pay $5 more so that we can just mail your shirt to you. It takes 4-6 weeks after the race to get you your shirt.

Do you have a mailing list to receive emails about upcoming races? (Notices when registrations start)

Yes, at the bottom of the page is our newsletter sign up! This list will just be to let you know when the sign up start and a note to let you know when we are close to filling up the run. We will not sell your email address.


Parking – Designated driver/carpooling highly recommended

Rainy Daze (650 Bovela Lane): There is very little parking at Rainy Daze. You can park at Sound’s Brewing Building (not the tasting room) or the closed quilt shop. It is across Viking Way coming from Bovela Lane. Do not park at the strip mall on the corner.

Envy (19559 Viking Ave NW): There is plenty of parking behind Envy.  Please reserve front spaces for their restaurant patrons.

Overflow For Rainy Daze, Downpour and Envy: You can park in Fishline’s (787 NW Liberty Rd, Poulsbo, WA 98370) parking lot. It is located just north of Envy Bar & Grill on the same side of Viking Way.

Valhöll (18970 3rd Ave NE) & Slippery Pig (18801 Front St NE): You can park at the Waterfront Parking Lot behind the stores on Front St.

Food Drive

Each Brewery will have a blue bin for non perishable donations to the North Kitsap Fishline (our food bank)

Beer size

We are serving 9 ounce beers at each location for a total of 63 ounces.